Inflight Fitness Functional Trainer

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Inflight FItness' Functional Trainer is the perfect addition to any home or commercial workout environment. The adjustable pulley system allows the user a lot flexible when using this unit. Upper body, lower body, or core; whichever part of your body you are working out, this functional trainer will get the job done.
  • Two 150 lb. weight stacks, ten 10 lb. plates, and ten 5 lb. plates per stack.
  • 2:1 Cable pull.
  • Integral step to help reach the chin-up bar.
  • 24 Exercise heights to accommodate a wide range of users and exercises.
  • 88åÓ Overall height.
  • Two nylon strap handles standard.


62"(W) x 38"(L) x 88"(H)
158cm x 95cm x 222cm
Two Weight Stacks 150lbs (68kg) each

-Lifetime Limited Warranty on Frame, Welds, and Weights
-3 Years on Bearings, Guide Rods, Cams, and Pulleys
-1 Year on Cables