Inflight Fitness Bicep/Tricep w/ Back Shroud

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The compact multifunction design of the Inflight Multi Bicep-Triceps Machine allows you to effectively work your triceps and biceps hitting the whole muscle. The unique push-back exercise works the three heads of the tricep. Preacher curls are a breeze on this bicep machine and the seat height adjusts for a variety of users on the Inflight Multi Bicep-Triceps Machine

Features -
Back Shroud Only- No Front Shroud
Five seat height positions
Unique push-back exercise works entire triceps
Upholstery Color: Black
Compact design
Easy access weight stack
Frame color: Platinum
Ball bearing pivots

Dimensions -
43.5 Inch (W) x 53 Inch (L) x 61.75 Inch (H)135cm x 110cm x 157cm
Weight: 427 lbs. (191kg)
Weight stack: 150 lbs. (68kg)


-Lifetime Limited Warranty on Frame, Welds, and Weights
-3 Years on Bearings, Guide Rods, Cams, and Pulleys
-1 Year on Cables