Inflight Fitness Seated Leg Press W/Shrouds

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The Inflight Multi Leg Press Machine has a pivoting footplate assembly design that allows you to perform gym quality leg press exercises and really develop those quads hamstrings and glutes.

Features -
One-inch shafts and ball bearings at every pivot.
Eight seat positions.
Large non-skid footplate.

Dimensions -
41.50 inches (W) x 80.75 inches (L) x 78.25 inches(H) 105cm x 205cm x 198.5cm
Weight: 450 lbs. (204kg)
Weight stack: 200 lbs. (91kg)

-Lifetime Limited Warranty on Frame, Welds, and Weights
-3 Years on Bearings, Guide Rods, Cams, and Pulleys
-1 Year on Cables